Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.  We ask that you register prior to the class date.  

Class Fees

Fee-  The class fee is $38.00 and is due the day of class.  If you are interested in renting supplies, please contact me for details.

Painting Supplies Rental- The fee for renting painting supplies is $25.00. If you are interested, please contact me for details.  

Special Classes

You can have a special experience with your family, friends or group.  

Checks, credit card and cash are accepted for private classes.

Closed session-  Private sessions for you and your friends are available for 2 or more painters.  Fee- $38.00 per person

Open session-  You can schedule sessions for you and your friends --2 or more painters that will also be open to the public.  Fee- $38.00 per person.

You can e-mail me at or phone for details at 586.495.5652


    •  If something comes up and you have to cancel, please let me as soon as you can.                                                         

    •  Classes are scheduled depending on student registrations, so low enrollment may result in a class cancellation.